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Captain Eyston's Dancing Daughters

Captain Eyston's Dancing Daughters

Musical/Romantic comedy film - based on a true story.

Writer: Lynda Rae
Producer: Andrea Farrena


‘Captain Eyston's Dancing Daughters’ is a musical/romantic comedy set in 1936 and is based on the true story of six attractive and fashionable female racing drivers (three English, one Scots, one Canadian and one Australian) sent by the MG car company to compete in the Le Mans 24 hour race; at that time the toughest, most glamorous and exciting race in the world. The title refers to the nickname given to the team by the press of the day.

The screenplay opens at the summer Fête champêtre held at modern day Brooklands Museum. Switching back to 1936 it continues with the journey from the UK to France, the race full of incident, excitement and romance. The girls brave the highs and lows of the event - but can they come out on top...?

Above all this story highlights a moment in history where women struggled to be taken seriously in a man’s world. 

The backdrop to the race is a unique night of events, a dance hall and big band; an Art Deco jazz club; a cocktail bar (a replica of the famous Harry's Bar in Paris); orchestral concerts and a grand firework finale – all set up behind the pits. Spectators bring tents and stay up overnight to watch the action, cooking and sleeping around the circuit. 

Musical numbers and songs are integrated into the racing action. A Grand Ball is held prior to leaving for France and post-race celebrations take place in the Le Mans Jazz Club.

This is a family film planned to appeal to the audiences who loved Mamma Mia and Moulin Rouge. It includes well known music from the 1930s, dancing, elegant and beautiful costumes, vintage sports cars, the thrills and spills of the Le Mans 24 hour race and of course - romance! At a time of recession, this is definitely a feel-good film.